Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Held & Worn

I’ve been in the industry for over twelve years; trained to the highest levels and never let a year go by without learning something new. I know what I like and why I like it. I won’t promote a product unless I like it or I think you will. Below is a list of My Absolute Faves. The list will be ever growing and changing just like ME!


I’ve been a Professional Nail Technician for over 12 years so I look after my hands and nails with regular manicures and CND products. Other products I love include:

Chanel Pirates is my go-to colour. It was taken out of production for a while but back by popular demand…. I like to think it was my constant begging to buy the half used samples and endless emails to Le Vernis that has it back 🙂

OPI. You cannot beat the wide patent pending brush to guarantee a perfect precision polish

Essie Cruise Collections. Mid season is always uplifted with these fun and cheekily named polishes

Seche Vite – Sandwich any polish between Essie First Base and Seche Vite topcoat for the ultimate long-lasting, super speedy dry  nails


I cannot live without eyeshadow and have as many brands as can fit in my make up box (yes thats right its a box) Bright eyeshadow is my signature look, some brands last an hour, some last all night, its the trying them out thats the fun part. Aside from that I’m pretty relaxed about my make up regime so I stick to two rules: Clean face morning and night (Dermal Clay Cleanser Dermalogica or Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean), make up face during the day – simple

Fav Eyeshadow – Urban Decay (glitterglitterglitter) & M.A.C. (who doesn’t like a trip to a M.A.C. counter?)


I exfoliate in the shower, dry body brush then apply Bio Oil.

Perfumed body creams – depending on the day I smell like a Thierry Mugler Angel, JPG’s Classic Woman and a Coco Mademoiselle


I’m a c-c-c-curly girl and proud. Most of the time it is beautifully tamed but when I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards I like to run as fast as I can and sit under a drier at Daniel Hersheson’s with a Kerastase treatment masque. I love Argan Oil, Morrocan Oil and any other oil that makes me look good. I am always on the hunt for a lightweight styling product for the curls and a good straightening product for when I want a change. There is no price to big for a good stylist and if you tip big they may take you out for an unforgettable night out at Mahiki’s!

Shoes & Bags

It used to be all about Kurt, right now its Jimmy….occasionally its Christian but one day it’ll be Charlotte Olympia all the way. I love these guys. They just know how to please me – well my feet anyway! Nothing beats a good pedicure then slipping baby soft tootsies into beautiful well crafted shoes. Same for the mani. Its the love of this that makes me write this blog; so throw on your dancing shoes, grab your clutch and enjoy Hold This, Wear That

Xx V xX


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Hold This Wear That

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