Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes


Hold This. Wear That because I’m Nuts about Nails! I love to show off my hands by painting, preening and accessorising them as much as possible which inevitably led me to become slightly knowledgable on rings and things. Same goes for toes which led to a shoe addiction. Then swish the eyeshadow, pop the cheeks and wrap it all up in a bow … for your hair.

Inspired by Liz Jones’ scathing article about Beauty Editors I read glossy magazines so you don’t have to,  I decided that my blog, the one that I have been thinking about writing for over seven years – yes that one, should follow suit and give realistic and honest reviews, recommendations and advice where possible.

Expect lots of images of models clutching bags, me holding cocktails and Fabulous Things for Fingers & Toes!

I hope you enjoy the blog, feel free to comment, email or tweet to me with any suggestions

Love & Light

Xx V xX




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Hold This Wear That

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