Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Hold This: Healthy Selfie Pose!


Nothing looks better than the real you as Ive discovered over the last few months. Bogged down writing articles, stories and academic pieces I learnt the true art of self appreciation through my new obsession with Healthy Selfies.

These selfies are not for the world wide web, they are for me.

I papped myself in the library studying, practicing yoga in the park and even stretching after a run.

These I affectionately call my ‘Healthy Selfie’.

With so much emphasis on exams, saving money for holidays, summer bodies and dieting, right now is a good time to stop and remember your own achievements.

The healthy selfie is a perfect opportunity to look back and really value where you started, what challenges you faced and how you still managed to balance your life. For example I took a HS in the library surrounded by piles of academic texts, the next one I took was me surrounded by green grass in the park in a basic lotus position; this now serves as a reminder  to me that no matter how busy I am there is always time to take five in a beautiful place and just breathe.

The more HS’s I took the more poses I wanted to try and capture myself in, which started a yoga selfie pose challenge! I then tried to selfie me running (which I do not recommend unless you want to join the ‘smashed iPhone club!) but stretching was suffice.


Looking back over April’s HS I can see a calmness in my face and as May ends and I hand in the biggest piece of work I have ever created I know that thanks to me taking time out to relax, breathe and strike a pose I was calm and composed as my deadline approached.

Taking time out for yourself is such a wonderful thing, this June why not try a few Healthy Selfies yourself and see what transformations you notice

Woman meditating on the beach at sunset.

Light & Love


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Hold This Wear That

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