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Wear That: Zara Man

I went Man shopping the other day. No matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find what I wanted and then Lightbulb!

Zara Man.

Somehow you can’t go wrong with a Zara Man as this man knows his basics and a man that knows his basic is well, set up for life. From perfect printed T’s to collarless shirts the Zara designers bring fresh twists on classic designs. Zara chino’s and suit basics have helped to bring the gentleman back to London wether by being hipster cool or smart budget friendly office junior one day to be Mr Finance or Mr Mad Men…. *swoon* Where  Zara Women plays on its Spanish heritage Zara Man is ultimately universal. The Zara man can fill his wardrobe full of fashion a la mode whilst retaining his big spends for pieces from Reiss, Burburry or a trip to his tailor on Saville Row.


Fun, playful pieces cleverly mashed with smart straight lines make the Zara collection fun and laid-back. Perfect for the young aspiring fashionista.


A glance through the Spring Lookbook 2014 and I will be keeping an eye out for my Zara Man in the poplin shirt with front pleats and the cotton, silk and cashmere jumper over technical pants.


Soooo was my Man Shopping a success? Of course it was.


One comment on “Wear That: Zara Man

  1. Maison Bentley Style
    April 1, 2014

    I amy have to nick that black and white sweat shirt from the men!! xxx

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