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Forget Those: Sad Lashes!

I woke up at 03:22 this morning with a pain in my eye, a cluster lash had fallen sideways and was pulling on my natural lash. In my semi awake state I reached up and yanked the lash out, then knowing I was leaving a gap I then started to pull the other cluster lashes out resulting in Ouch! Sad Lashes 😦

It is time to give the lashes a break but which product to use?

Nouveau Lash are leading the industry right now with their fabulous range of semi-permanent, strip and individual lashes. Aftercare products include the popular Lash Essentials Gold growth serum a blend of natural herbs to stimulate blood flow and condition the natural lash. I will try this product out and let you know how I get on.


Nouveau Lash Gold Grow

In the meantime I recommended  Talika Paris’ Lipocils Expert, a fabulous plant based gel formula that conditions weak, brittle lashes and has a highly researched opthalmic history. Lipocils guarantees lash growth after one months usage. I def noticed a difference in my lashes after using this product and it is worth the investment. Other Fab products from Talika include Lipocils for eyebrows and yes this absolutely makes a different to thin, sparse brows.


Talika Lipocils Eyelash grow

Don’t have sad lashes have Big Bold Bad Lashes xx



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Hold This Wear That

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