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Enjoy These: Football Strips

The England World Cup Kit goes on sale Thursday but at a hefty £90 price tag have Nike just got it wrong or will this be a kit to remember as we raise the World Cup Victoriously high at the end of summer?

The all-white top with pinstripe shimmery seam is apparently a throw back to English heritage and St George’s armour but to me it is a simple plain white t with a tick and a crest! I confess I am loving the collar and longer sleeve length but this it not a good enough design effort and football strips do fall into the world of Fashion ….. I mean *hushed voice* it just isn’t good enough dah-ling!


The red Away kit I find a little better although I do not associate England with red unless its a retro throwback style strip…… although I love this photo

Ross Whilshire are You trying to catch my eye young man?


I am also looking forward to the commemorative boxers….


On a positive note if you follow the leagues its likely you can grab yourself your team strip with a whopping 70% off. I took full advantage and got myself a West Ham training strip, worn here with indigo Levi demi-curves and Nine West Nude cut-out pumps


west ham training kit top


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