Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

TH Goes: The Measure of Success

This That These and Those thats the way October goes: Happy Birthday Hold This Wear That.

What started out as a a mandatory part of a Fashion Journalism course has now evolved into something that I enjoy doing and is now clear that this is the new direction for my writing career.

But how do you measure success? is it by likes, followers or by the feeling you have inside? I have been very successful in my working career. It takes hard work and determination to be a high achiever – it also takes passion; bucket loads of passion.

I started life as a political journalism and theology student at Trinity College Dublin337_1045103400224_5152_n and somehow became a nail technician. My heart and my head have battled for years with academia vs vocation so I combined the two. I practiced my craft whilst networking and studying, making my way up the career ladder.

337_1045103440225_6376_nI have taught nails and beauty, owned my own salon and had some awesome experiences along the way. In the end I have returned to writing. It is what drives me.

What to write and how to write is often on my mind so I write everything, I let it all out.

Fall is not only time for fashion weeks it is also beauty month where a flurry of gold-nail-polish-at-baby-phat-spring-2010-new-york-fashion-weekshows and exhibits take place. around the country. As fashion month ends I find myself drawn back into my industry as what is fashion week without hair, nails and make-up and who decides?

I know this information. I know what is hot and what is not. A quick look at this seasons nail polish collections and I am back!

It is however not that easy and nothing that is ever worth it is.

This is new territory for me and I have tried hard not to make Hold This. Wear That a simple fashion or nail blog with colour swatches or outfits of the day and I hope to grow and succeed in a style that suits me best.

I want to write more about health; Health is the much overlooked part of beauty.

I personally had a massive wake up call with my health this year and I know that nothing can be taken for granted in life. My lifestyle was questioned when the Big C reared its head and as I thank the Lord that I do not have cancer the very possibility shook me to my core. I had to take a step back and assess my life and goals.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 13.58Illness can be embarassing and unglamorous. It also can be hard to explain especially if your outside appearance does not match your insides. If you are Happy and Healthy it shows. I decided that I only want to be happy in life, I have many material things but my health, well, that is priceless.

I am a proud pescatarian, I practice yoga and I smile – I smile a lot!IMG_1098

Writing makes me smile, reading makes me smile – what makes you smile?

Thank You for continuing to join me on my new endeavour, I really appreciate that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy reading all of yours.

This year as I blow out my candles I wish for good health and an improvement on my writing skills. I wish you all amazing successes in all that you do

Happy Birthday Hold This. Wear That

With Love & Light

Vannessa x


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Hold This Wear That

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