Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Wear That: Stiletto Nails

As a former professional nail technician I have seen nail shapes change over the years from round to square then squoval, almond and now the stiletto!
Stiletto shaped nails are not a new shape as it is the perfect platform to show off nail art and designs

At the Nailympics during Olympia Beauty (yes we have nail olympics!) a roomful of nail techs nervously sat brushes poised to create the perfect sculpted nail.
I had a beautiful coloured acrylic nail applied by the uber talented and successful Gemma Lambert, Nail Professional of the Year 2013 – with extra hand painted flowers – I love it 🙂

I then had my pinkie applied by Denise Wright Nail Professional of the year 2012 and then I was left with the very unfortunate task of filling the rest in and seeing as both Gemma & Denise have trophies upon trophies I didn’t know what to do on them sooooo… I did it all!



What do you think? Would you sport the stiletto? Do you like the shape or design?



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Hold This Wear That

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