Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Hold This: Amy Childs’ Bling

Queen of Vajazzle Miss Amy Child’s never fails to wow her clients with her super sparkly presence and this years Olympia Beauty was no exception.

Out of the many celebrity lines that have emerged over the years there are only three that I have ever really gotten on board with and that is because the innovators of the product truly lived and loved what they produced and their goal clearly was to bring their clients the best and not just jump onto a very lucrative band wagon.

Before Amy Childs’ The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) success she was a highly qualified Beauty Therapist with a healthy client base. Her beauty knowledge is outstanding and her client care is second to none but Amy’s USP, and what makes her so deliciously attractive to us is her ability to stay on top of her game by giving us EXACTLY what we love about her – Full on Essex Bling!

Amy tottered into Olympia in platform Swarovski Louboutins, perfectly applied make up with super glossy lips, a smart well fitted professional plum tunic, big volumous hair – no doubt created by her amazing sleep in rollers range, and her statement full on lash look and make your friends Wel Jel!

Amy worked her stand where we were treated to expertly applied lashes, vajazzles, an Essex style spray tan and not to mention photos and signings if you were very lucky.


This is Amy’s spray tan machine – its Totes Amaze!


The Amy Childs brand is going from strength to strength and I for one back her all the way


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Hold This Wear That

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