Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Forget Those: Sensible Toes

You can tell a lot about a person by their toenail colour choice and painting your toenails allows you 100% creative licence to do as you please.

No matter which profession you work in; wether you are allowed to display with pride or unfortunately you have to cover them up and hide, down there, yup right down there are ten little digits that love to be fussed over, dressed up and given a little loving from time to time.

If your summer holidays brought you into a nail bar for your first or fiftieth pedicure just remember – a pedicure can be enjoyed ALL year round.
Feet need constant care as we are on them all day, everyday. The boring bits: soaking, scrubbing & exfoliating can all be done in the shower, no excuses, it is the aesthetics that need more attention.
Dry your feet properly and dry between your toes. Slather them in a good quality cream, something hydrating and soothing is best after exfoliation. Clip and file your toenails STRAIGHT ACROSS! Dehydrate the nail by wiping them with non-acetone nail polish remover. Base coat (Essie first base or CND Sticky) and then go mad – I mean it, GO MAD!

Sensible French Toes are for people who know no better (usually people with control issues like OCD lol! I’m joking – ok I am kinda joking! )

Kick up your heels and show off your wild side, there is a whole colourful, sparkly toed would waiting for you



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Hold This Wear That

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