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Enjoy These: Debating Twerk for Jerks

To all the Jerks that H8 Queen of the Twerk, let me tell you now; I Love Miley and I love Miley’s VMA performance and most importantly I love Miley’s hair. She thoroughly entertained me at the VMA’s and did exactly what she set out to do.

Miley wants to shake off her Disney pop princess image and enter the world of sex symbol, female pin up, femme fatale and Girl Power Teenies Icon (what does come after the noughties?). This breed of newly constructed feminism is NOT to be confused with traditional feminism which cannot be confused with ethnic feminism.

The world wants to be Beige yet loudly complains when the black/white mix gets too close to home.  This can be seen with the ongoing debates.
Music is for everyone regardless of colour, however the origin of music is defined by culture, region and historical context.

Lets enter the world of music management where money RULES.
Syco productions have many different artists on its books, yet the same carefully selected team style, produce and promote these artists and most of the time they end up generic and same-ish. No realm of the working artist’s life is allowed the freedom of their own choice – that is if they are to make money, even their hair style is not chosen by them! This is no more evident in the binning of the long shiny weave for Jessie J, Rhi-Rhi, Queen B, Ga-Ga and our Lil Hannah Montana. Take note they all sport the same shade of blonde shaved head!

Miley wants a new sound. She wants a ‘black’ sound. I personally wanna know what ‘black’ sounds like exactly as for me it’s calypso, for someone else it’s Afro beats, another its Rhythm n Blues and for the young uns it def is pop R&B/Rap!

Miley’s young so obviously she went the obvious route and to accompany her new sound a new look is required and some sexy new moves – hello the Twerk!

Nikki Minaj wants to be a Black Barbie. To do this she transformed her body and its a great body IMHO. She acts like a Barb, walks and talks like a Barb – she has millions of ‘Barbie’ minions on Twitter and she’s making enough dollars to keep her in a Barbie pink mansion for the rest of her days.

I digress, back to Miley.

The girl can Twerk! Let the girl Twerk!

Regardless of colour us girls love a bit of booty shaking! Man I used to Macarena with the best of them and not a drop of Spanish blood! In the club one thing is definitely going to happen if you are a girl. You are going to let loose to the music, shake what your Mamma gave ya and attract male attention – you dont want that? stay at home in your onesie!
Miley successfully combined punk with a china bump hairstyle that Gwen Stefani would love and a lyric that echoes a ‘F you I won’t do what they tell me’ then a Kiss style tongue lashing which then unfortunately got too sexual and became ‘rimming’ but hey! the lyric changed from ‘we won’t stop’ to ‘one thing I ask of you let me be the one you back that Ass into’

Sooo she hit a black booty, the song is the misogynistic sound of the summer and we love it or it wouldn’t have spent a lifetime top of the charts worldwide. I prefer the unrated video (shame on me) and I want #THICKE with his big… ( yeah yeah, so much for me flying the flag of feminism!)
Look, I live in the real world and luckily I’ve been unplugged from the Matrix for years.


It’s a song and its a video, watch it or don’t its your choice.

Miley has clearly let’s us know that she is ready to grow up. It’s a really hard thing for a girl to do let alone a pop princess – you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

*writers note no pop princess’ were harmed in the writing of this post
** the author has full authority to contradict herself at anytime because she is a girl!


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