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TH Goes: Love & Letter Writing

September 1st. Really? Seriously? Where does the time go? Some days for me really tick, and tick follows tock follows tick follows tock. IMH is away on business, my Best friends are scattered around the country and in Ireland, and a few people are too busy for me right now!

It really hurts when you reach out to someone and they ignore you or fob you off. I wonder when we all got so busy to just hang and chat like we did when we were young.

When I was younger I had a fantastic opportunity to travel with my stage school; singing, dancing and er… copulating with european natives!  I made some fantastic friends both in my school and abroad and I am thankful that today I am privileged to know many of them and have them as my closest friends.

Staying in contact is hard work. A quick scroll through the contacts in my phone list and I find myself saying who is this? (mad girl I met in a loo usually) But for TRUE Friends no matter how long you are away from each other when you see that person it is always like no time has passed.

Effort however, is alway required and there is no greater effort than that of letter writing. Whats’app yes, SMS yes, Email yes, FB IM yes…. a letter or a postcard Oh YESSSS! To have the postman deliver something personally to you is a joy. A birthday card, a wedding invite, notification of a birth or sometimes just sometimes a simple hello I love and miss you.

I keep all my letters in a circular satin box wider than my arms outstretched.  I tirelessly try to encourage the kids in Ireland to write to me and I recently told Belgian Boy that he should send me postcards again as he travels Europe with his work. IMH writes to me every week, his Father married his pen-pal of twenty years so maybe there is something in the blood. Writing to IMH ties in nicely with my ornithology as we are Love Birds and there are always beautiful bird stamps to find.

My Favourite bird is the Colibri or Humming Bird. The Doctor Hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica and I have one tattoo’d onto my thigh. I also live at Maison Colibri ….. if you ever feel like dropping me a postcard 🙂


colibristamp With Love & Light

Xx V xX


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