Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Hold This: My Hand, My Heart, My Health

Your Health is Your Wealth and this my friends is very true. Once upon a time I was a cool crazy fashionista with an obsession with nails and beauty; then I was struck down with a complicated ailment. Balancing work, life and home became a struggle with deteriorating health and as poor health is unfortunately frowned upon in five star beauty establishments in central London and I went from 60 hours per week to zero.

Remember the opening sequence to The Devil Wears Prada? well I am one of the girls who bother to get up at 5am to start their beauty regime, whose nails are never chipped or hair unwashed, an outfit carefully selected and underwear perfectly matching.  Was I a puppet of society? was I merely a number in my industry? I certainly did not feel that way. It took hard work and dedication.

I loved my job. I was a Salon Co-ordinator for an award winning spa in Chelsea. I performed my crazy hour working week with gusto. The spa was immaculately clean, the appointment book was perfectly managed, we had the hottest selection of colours and treatments and the girls were as happy as they could be.

At first I thought I had appendicitis, then it changed, then it changed again, then again, then again. Five misdiagnosis later and I am still awaiting key hole surgery that I have needed all year. I feel alien from the life I have always known. I studied hard, Ive been to university, I have achieved all possible certifications in Nails and Beauty, I am a Qualified Adult Educator with QTS and I have put over 13 years into reading, researching and continued professional development. Not a year goes by that I do not learn something new…… until this year.

I have been unable to work all year – or so I thought.  I was unhappy, I was on a cocktail of medication, I could not see the woods through the trees… I was alone

Someone held my hand

They warmed my heart and told me it would all be resolved soon, that I was smart, I was creative and that I could turn this situation around.

I Did

I thought long and hard about what I could do from home, how could I mix my love of fashion with the knowledge I have of nails and beauty? I cannot tell you what it is right now but imagine me, a sewing machine and Swarovski Elements…

Your Health is your Wealth; Treasure it.

Sending you all Love, Light & Positivity

Xx V xX

image by Gorjuss. A fantastic artist who herself is no stranger to treasuring her health x


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Hold This Wear That

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