Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Wear That: A Man with a Tan in White

I love a tan on a man. I love the sultry summer style of bronzed skin against a white vest, a flash of knee through a ripped jean and the sexy rare sighting of an ankle against a pair of box-fresh white converse!

NewBatmanFig3I had this rare sighting on sunday morning. I’d been telling a friend all about Arctic Batman and my new Super Hero Lego obsession. ‘I love a man in white’ I splurted out, ‘er ok’ he says. He’s thinking its a prince charming thing, maybe it is, but its more a bad boy thing. I’m thinking muscles, tatts and that Ab thing – you know where your american_psycho_christian-bale-tight-abs-body-tanning-bedabs are so well defined that your eye is drawn…. south! (Thank you Christian Bale for this Patrick Bateman pic and for being an Awesome Batman… Arctic Batman next time?)

As my friend drove me home I noticed a flash of bright white coming from his feet – yup box fresh white converse and sexy ankle on display. I get equally gaga over a man in flip flops (pedicured feet only) There really isnt anything that beats this kind of summer style on a man.


White jeans, a bright polo or T, Ray-Bans of your choice, a sexy smile that says ‘you think you’re cooler than me’ and a wink.ray-ban-laugh


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Hold This Wear That

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