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Hold This: Chanel’s New Le Vernis Trio

I was eagerly awaiting Chanel’s pop up nail bar after reading all about it on Nail Luxxe’s blog. Reposted here. Having worked as a Chanel Nail Expert in Dublin I didn’t want to book in with Sophy Robson but if she was free….. well I’d try and interview her for my blog. She wasn’t. She was booked solid for both days,

I was told she would speak to me during her tea break but I didn’t have the heart to deny her precious time when I could tweet her or pop in Hari’s on the Kings Road. I know a Session Technicians life is a mix of constant chanter, promotion and thinking on your feet, as something important you need will always go missing or cannot be found so every little break is chance to re-group. I had brought my Niece Zar-Zar, we were in no rush so started the day travelling up the floors of Selfridges and working our way back down to Street Fashion.

There it was standing out like a beacon calling out to all the nail fashionista’s, polishaholics and slaves to fashion. It was the most impressive sight. IMG_1786

IMG_1789The giant bottles, the black sleek counters… Chanel Nail Heaven. £25 secures a manicure and believe me when I tell you, a hand massage with Precision Body Excellence cream is the best you will ever have. Your deposit is redeemable against purchases. Le Vernis retails at £18 so treat yourself.

The new trio colours are: Lilas 647 a beautiful deep coral, Azure 657 butterfly wing metallic green and Bel-Argus 667 a fantastic metallic blue.

I tried them all and they look like this: IMG_1796

In the centre of the nail bar was a ‘play’ centre where you could paint your nails from a selection of classic and limited edition colours. I painted my nails and chatted to the Chanel Nail Experts about the other items in the collection ‘Papillon’. I have taken a fancy to the Inimitable mascara’s in blues and yellows and also the collection of fresh effect eyeshadows. The one piece I wasn’t leaving without was the True Blue long lasting eyeliner – I’ll let you know soon what its like. I didn’t try the lipsticks or Glossimers as I would have gone home with a large credit card bill!!


Time to play with my Chanel make-up


The experience was everything I expected and more. On until next Wednesday the girls are on hand for manicures, advice and Chanel behind the Scenes Gossip


One comment on “Hold This: Chanel’s New Le Vernis Trio

  1. Must Have Boxes
    June 7, 2013

    I love this nail polish!

    – KW

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