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Enjoy These: I Saw This and Thought of You

I love a good slogan and my all time favourite is ‘I saw this and thought of you‘ I love it. Quintessentially the best words you could find inside a card, on the back of a postcard or attached to a gift… that was until Coca-Cola’s summer promotion Share a Coke With

We’ve all done it, casually thrown our eyes over the named bottles in the fridge, hoped our unusual name has made it into the top 150 most popular… I have searched those fridges without joy. Neither mine or my Mr can be found – I have however found several of my Ex’s!?!

Hmmmm? Who would I share a Coke with? I know its my Little Sister Smelly.

I came home this evening feeling tired, hungry and missing Mr H. I could smell fried chicken (Devils Food) and knew I could not break my detox for fat soaked drumsticks which made me feel a little sadder. Smelly shouted for me to look in the fridge and there, there it was; a Full Fat Coke with Mr H’s name on. My Lovely Sister had braved chipping her manicure to put her hand inside an ice-cold beverage fridge because she saw something that made her think of me! I was so super happy. Childishly, giggly and happy. I do not see Mr H often enough due to work commitments and I know he will love a little photo of me holding the keepsake Coke.

The Share a Coke with promotion will be on all summer so go find one with your Bestie, Boyfriend, Dog or Smelly Sister’s name on and enjoy.

p.s just in case you were wondering about those Ex’s….



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Hold This Wear That

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