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Hold This: Ballet Tickets & Clutch Bags

What does one wear to the ballet? more importantly how does one dress her feet and carry ones goods?

On Tuesday I went to see The Raven Girl at the Royal Opera House. A new fairytale written by Audrey Niffenegger and adapted for the stage by Wayne McGregor . As a former ballet dancer, fairy-tale writer and lover of Audrey Niffenegger I was excited to be part of something very new and very special.

No longer is formal attire ‘de rigueur’ for nights at the Opera House and with seats starting from £4 this is now my new favourite post work tuesday evening activity. I quickly ruled out long skirts as I was seated in the amphitheatre an didnt want anyone stepping on my dress so I paired sophisticated black peg trouser with sparkly shoes – well I did have an awful amount of steps to climb so what better way to attract attention to myself then by wearing sparkly shoes? I threw an oversized crocheted sleeveless jumper over a black vest and completed the look with a deco box from Warehouse to put my tickets and ice-cream money in.


After an amazing edge of your seat performance of the new fairy tale that was both beautiful and bleak, bold and brave, we were treated to some classically choreographed ballet to Symphony in C. As I watched the svelte, pretty, limber girls releve up onto their toes effortlessly, I thought back to my own ballet days, how I love anything ballet inspired and how I would love a ballet inspired clutch bag.

ballet6I found a lovely Degas inspired clutch at http://www.junesuniquelyyoursweddings.com and I even spotted matching hand made court shoes.

Next I found a magazine clutch by Papa Razziballetbag2I adore these fun affordable clutches and own lots of them.

For a vintage look I recommend Misu’s printed fabric clutch a light delicate clutch in soft sepia tones.


Lastly … The Showstopper. Fun,Practical and perfect for the office, practice or performance – The Ballet Print by Longchamps

ballet bagI love it. A modern mix of classic Longchamps and girly romance.

The Raven Girl is on at the Royal Opera House until June 8th



One comment on “Hold This: Ballet Tickets & Clutch Bags

  1. chicastic
    July 5, 2013

    Nice collection dear! I like it.
    Evening clutch bags

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