Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Forget Those: The Clown Pants & Jessie J eek!

Sometimes you gotta know when to say No!

Take Jessie J: Beautiful, Powerful, Sexy (and sometimes) Frightfully Scary!

jess5Jessie has wowed us with an array of outfits over her short two years as an artist. She defined her Ghetto Fabulous style with the body perfect catsuit and became a true singing fash icon by keeping her style monochrome with a bright flash of colour and by sticking to a mantra of More is More when it comes to lips, nails and accessories.

Dont Get me wrong here, Monochrome is a fabulous look to rock all season every season and Jessie does it oh so well.


Take these skinnies; by adding a dash of bright red Jessie becomes less hanging out in Chadwell Heath park 1990’s stylee and more T in the park headline act. These are a fierce pair of skinnies – I will do my best to investigate as to the designer…

Soften this serious look like Jessie by losing the blunt fringe, adding soft wavy curls and by keeping the lip and cheek nuetral.

jess1jess4As summer is officially here no doubt last years jumpsuit will be back out and making their way onto your friends, your colleagues or even your own body… I say Forget Those but each to their own.

Jessie J owns a never ending supply of these terrible jumpsuits and although secretly I love Jessie’s monochrome mad mashups when I saw her latest ensemble on BBC1’s The Voice I knew it was a monochrome move too far…Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 15.18.17

I had to stifle shocking screams of What is she Wearing? Sack the Stylist and OMG The Circus has come to town!!

No Jessie J No!

Clown Pants are NOT for Primetime TV

Oh….. and neither is the Domino look (Great Song tho)

Stay Fabulous People xx


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Hold This Wear That

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