Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Hold This: I don’t care what the weatherman says….

The weather just cannot make its mind up but when it comes to looking good in the rain Hold&Wear certainly can – we say no to getting wet and yes to looking good whatever the weather!

A Mac, Scarf and an Umbrella are outdoor essentials, so as the summer is refusing to kick in anytime soon arm yourself with easy stress free ways to avoid becoming a wet sodden miserable mess and instead strutt head high with a cool sophisticated, oh don’t you wish you had forward planned like me smug smile.

Any mac that flatters your shape will do. A good cut, a good fit and away you go. Avoid frills and peplums and stay classic.
The bigger the scarf the better, break up the colour of your mac with wild eccentric patterns or go soft with warm pashmina’s.
The umbrella must be wind resistant. Hold&Wear’s favourite brand is Fulton and together with Lulu Guinness have created kitsch klassy and Kool designs in an array of sizing and styles.
Pricing is from £28-40 and in our opinion cannot be beaten as the easiest accessory to turn you into a lady – just don’t leave it on the bus, or tube, or in the hairdressers….. Hmmm maybe being ladylike needs some work






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Hold This Wear That

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