Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Forget Those: Hospital Gowns

Helloo all you wearers and holders, I feel like I have been away forever from the blogging world as not only have I not written my blog I haven’t read any of your Amazing blogs either.

I unfortunately have not been my Fabulous self of late as I have been unwell and having not seen the light of day for oh-so-long this obviously means I missed Fash Week, Red Carpet Season and I have no clue what is hot and whats definitely not!  …. Buuuut  I have been rocking totally fetch hospital gowns in washed out greens, blues and something that once resembled a lilac! Ok Forget the hospital gown you can never look good unless you are on an US sitcom!! This reality means my hair is in desperate need of a cut, looking like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards and I am something of a super furry animal… but hey-ho I always rock a super mega-watt smile which can brighten any outfit.

So here’s to Hold This. Wear That 2013 – ooooh when did that happen lol!

Belated Happy New Year to you all. How are the resolutions going? I had three:

  1. Paint my Nails
  2. Meet Interesting People
  3. Write

I am going to say I am well on the way to completing them and having a very Happy 2013 and I hope you all are Happy and Fabulous Too xx


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Hold This Wear That

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