Hold This. Wear That.

This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Hold This: A lil Hanky Panky with my wax

I visited Strip Wax Bar today for a spot of intimate waxing and on the way out my eye was caught by a dazzling array of Hanky Panky thongs.
Hanky Panky’s are an American brand selling a super soft, super comfortable, one size fits all lace pant. I first discovered them in a sports shop and they really are the perfect undergarment to run in.

As you can see I grabbed a handful!

Im loving my nails; I painted them Twilight Blue with Sequin Turquoise
over the top. Both colours are from Avon and whilst I’ve little hope for their longevity these bright, eye catching colours are perfect for a day or two.



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Hold This Wear That

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