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This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Forget Those: People who think they are soo much better in every way imaginable..

This is a RANT!

I’ve recently followed my hearts desire and decided to throw myself ‘out there’. I don’t actually know where there actually is but I am excited to see where this crazy, marvellous and weirdly wonderful journey takes me.

Every Friday I attend Fashion Journalism followed by Life Writing classes. These two classes are the highlight of my week as I get to talk clothes, shoes, bags and make-up in one then bio’s, memoirs and creative writing in the next.

Writing about your self isn’t easy; blog form or otherwise. It take guts to put your creative work out there, showing other like-minded individuals your inner most treasured thoughts and feelings BUT, some individuals think that criticising your work is a sport. Fashion Friday starts at 10am with whiny girls at the back moaning about fashion bloggers and how bad they are. These girls know the industry so much better than everyone else…… oh yeah, of course they do. After lunch the memoir critics give out about poorly written memoirs and celebs that use ghost writers because no matter how famous they might get they would never sell out like that…. (yawn!)

I’m sick of these people. I believe that we learn every day from any situation. I cannot claim to know why some teenage fashion bloggers have half a million fans or why our Ex PM’s ghost writer writes about his sex life in his memoir but I will not bad mouth them as one day it might be me with the successful blog and no time to write my own memoirs … unlikely I know but hey you know what they say – those who can do and those that can’t Bitch About It!


One comment on “Forget Those: People who think they are soo much better in every way imaginable..

  1. Steven
    November 10, 2012

    Good One

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