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Enjoy These: Twitterati Followers

I had some great news this week; I have been following different brands on Twitter and getting in contact with their PR departments to introduce myself as a NEW BLOGGER and now some products for review are on the way! This is great for me as I have also been getting … ahem… involved with Follow Friday and #TeamFollowBack.

This one is a bit controversial as generally those with over two thousand followers, those who are not companies, are generally kids under 18’s.

I write a blog that is about fashion, makeup and nail polish … and I’m not ageist. I don’t mind. I like the younger ones. They Tweet funny, emotional and mostly honest, silly Bieber Loving sayings in less than 180 characters. I write well, I kinda write the same stuff.

Following and follow hashtags do seem a bit childish – ‘OMG I’ve got 5000 followers. Retweet and be like me’ sounds daft but it kinda works. I want 5000 followers. I want to get my blog out there – I aim to review as many new products as I can get my hands on and in return I need you all to read it. The first thing you need to do is add me on Twitter @HoldandWear

Follow Me and I Follow Back 🙂


2 comments on “Enjoy These: Twitterati Followers

  1. skybluewithdaisies
    November 9, 2012

    i must admit i am completely lost with twitter. i tweet things that i find interesting, but beyond that don’t understand what i’m doing. i read “twitter for dummies” type articles – doesn’t help. I don’t understand how i even have 13 followers ( i am thinking of hiring an “under 18” to show me what the heck i’m doing. (-:

    • Hold This. Wear That
      November 9, 2012

      Well after about 30mins of pure ReTweeting I received 31 new followers… this is good but I cannot do this everyday as my original 32 followers will all leave me! It was an ‘interesting’ exercise but I think I’l stick to the old fashioned tried and tested ways of promotion from now on 🙂

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