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Wear That: Borrowed Pearls

The Beautiful and Extremely Glamorous Bambi came to work today in a Chanel style boucle jacket, black skinny’s with gold zips and an amazing necklace. The stunning pearl and crystal necklace gave Bambi an air of sophistication on the front desk while the metal conical spikes ensured she maintained a rock edge coolness only the brave can pull off.
It wasn’t long before Bambi’s neckwear was fastened around my own and how very regal I did feel. Although I doubt I’d be able to carry off the neckwear with Bambi’s aplomb I have requested to borrow it next week… Now a dress to go with!



Necklace available from Freedom@ Topshop £ 25


One comment on “Wear That: Borrowed Pearls

  1. dannadesigns
    November 7, 2012

    Very Pretty!

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