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This lip with that nail; these bags with those shoes

Wear That: Dressing up at Halloween doesn’t have to be scary

Happy Halloween. Most of you have already dressed up and enjoyed the revelry with an extra hours partying thanks to the clocks going back; me, I prefer to welcome All Hallows’ with a spooky lights out candle lit dinner and listen to scary stories through the wireless. I downloaded a little short story from Scarester Extraordinaire Neil Gaiman and am prepared to a scare myself stiff!
On the clothing front I will be wearing my Max Azria Bride of Frankenstein dress which is a black jersey two tier maxi dress with skater style sleeves.
I’m going for Princess of Death instead of Queen of the Damned so instead of the traditional black, reds and plum colours I’ve opted for yellow and pink eyeshadow and a black-combed ‘do’
I’ve gone all out with the nails with some subtle yet very effective nail art and matched them to my Mr Kandee Loud’s which need no introductions.

I aim to eat, drink and be scared tonight I hope you’ll be doing the same





2 comments on “Wear That: Dressing up at Halloween doesn’t have to be scary

  1. Steven
    November 3, 2012

    I hope you enjoyed the occasion

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