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Forget Those: Control Leggings!!!

Everyone I know, well everyone on a budget, is talking about trading in their hideous see-through cheap leggings for Opaque-r, thicker but still affordable pairs. I for one applaud this as I am sick of seeing your bright orange or neon green lacy thongs through over-stretched bum fabric! I have NEVER bought leggings from Primark but I know plenty of you who do so I threw caution to the wind and decided to brave Primark Marble Arch thinking the opening of Oxford Street would leave it empty but alas, no, it was heaving.

I found my way to the knicker section ignoring the bright, cheese-grater style thongs, mega-lift push up bra’s and sexy baby doll nighties on offer. After some elbowing, pushing and shoving I finally found the Secret Posessions Under Control Range. Without stopping to consider things I threw a pair of Waist Shaping Briefs, a Waist Shaping Thong, A seam free bra and the famous Seamfree Shaper Leggings into my basket. As I made my way to the checkout I was mesmerised by the selection of comfy PJ’s. I stopped to linger…. pjs for only £8!!  Oooh I couldn’t help myself.

At home I was eager to try on my my new ‘shaping’ underwear.

First the Bra and what a disappointment that was. The bra barely held my bust but at £3 I hadn’t expected much so although I would never wear it out it could be nice to put on under my pjs.

Then the waist shaper. A lovely fit and very shaping – Goodbye muffin top. It wasn’t  too tight and didn’t roll down even when I sat. Both the full pant and the thong are extremely comfortable and Mr Chelsea even offered a wolf whistle in my direction. The waist shapers come in black and nude, an excellent buy at £4.

Next to try were the seamfree leggings. I started upright. Then I sat down. I bent one leg, then the other. I rolled the leg up and slipped my foot in. I stood up. I huffed and puffed, I pulled and pulled. Then I yanked. I yanked and yanked.

The leggings come in generic sizes 8-10, 12-14 an 16-18. I’m a 12 with big thighs but not that big! I just could not get the leggings up. When I finally did I felt like my legs were two fat sausages about to burst. Having witnessed the whole thing Mr Chelsea was in convulsions. I was distraught. Surely they didn’t ‘hold’ you that tightly. They were actually tighter than the knicker! My poor lil legs. I ripped them off and threw them into a heap. I felt fat and gross. I wanted chocolate and wine.

Then I remembered the other other item in my bag. My Love to Lounge cream chintz pj’s. I slipped on the cotton waffle legging and the matching long sleeve top with pocket detail. Oooh that feels better. Out of nowhere a glass of Sauvignon Blanc appears, yes definitely better.

Forget Control leggings, this winter slip into lovely comfy pyjamas.


Sausage Dog image by Rich Wake




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Hold This Wear That

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