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Enjoy These: Nocciola on a Saturday morning

As the clocks go back and winter kicks in I remember how I managed to grab a table outside Ca’puccino on the seemingly last nice weekend of the summer. I had wanted my birthday to go without a fuss so after a free breakfast at Sophie’s steakhouse on the Fulham Road (see signing up to a newsletter is well worth it – follow me below) we headed for a walk along the Kings Road.
The weather was pleasant with a chill and the cold breeze brought a little colour to the cheeks. We stopped at Ca’puccino the perfect spot for people watching and losing hours.
The coffee is superb and the Nocciola is an extra special treat; An espresso topped with hazelnut and whipped cream – divine

Although drinking al fresco is perturbed by thoughts of the rain, take your drink inside and enjoy… Next time it’s the Caffe all’ Ameretto di Saronno

Enjoy Xx


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Hold This Wear That

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