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I’ve been blogging for ages yet despite this its all still new to me. I set up Twitter a few days ago… (why?) to…er stay current in my new ..er … journalistic endeavour.

But I’m one determined lady.

This is the new blog, the new me, the next chapter. This one is the mix of my passion for my industry, a collaboration of what I know, what you need to know and some fun testing it all out along the way.

Its also the post not many people read so it will act as a little note to self to remind me that I want to take this thing seriously, and by thing I mean Beauty Journalism. So back to the point (there is one don’t worry), the point is, if you are reading this – Thank You and please follow me and let me know what you think with lovely comments (it helps spur me on)



Image taken from MonsterWorking.com from the blog post Twitter is Serious. Are you serious about using it? http://www.monsterworking.com/2012/06/18/twitter-is-serious-are-you-sereious-about-using-it/


2 comments on “Follow Me

  1. Hello

    I don’t know my partner and i comprehended entirely everything you intended with that, is it possible to broaden more upon skin care ?


    • Hold This. Wear That
      July 1, 2013

      As a new blog I am still finding my writing style.
      There are lots of blogs about products so I think mine is more about things that interest me, do not worry though there will be lots more product rating posts in the future.
      Thanks for reading my blog
      Love & Light

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Hold This Wear That

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